Welcome to my website – Badmash Music! It’s a “Badmash Little World” here where I will be in touch with you through my music, videos, films and other creative things I do to keep my life exciting!

I have come a long way to pursue my dream of being a creative artist, musician and rapper. Achieving so many things from videography, photography, graphic design, producing & directing music videos, films, animation, visual fx, drawing, writing, composing songs and beats, and not to forget dancing and choreography, still it feels life’s too short. When I started this career, I was in Delhi (India), in a small one room rented apartment with my parents, with my “Panasonic Boom Box” (that time it was called “National” in India, and a “sketch book with a pencil”). With the words I had written, I would visualize a story, and with every visualization I would hear the music and know exactly what to write and draw! This is who I am, and I am proud of my accomplishments and what I am becoming by doing what I love, expressing myself with words, poetry, rhythms, beats, melodies and not to mention my visual art!

People may think I’m a rich big shot but I am far from. Growing up from a lower middle class family, my parents worked hard and sacrificed a lot for me to become the person I am today. The greatest thing I love about my Mom and Dad are they are very open-minded and have supported me consistently on my path of being an artist, no matter what. After college, I was having a rough time with life. I had difficult times with relationships, going from job to job, sacrificing a lot on the way, and later making one of the hardest decisions in my life – leaving my homeland and family to pursue a better future. I made my way to live alone in a foreign land, still struggling to achieve my goals. Currently, I am happy and content in what I’m doing and will enjoy seeing where this path will take me in fulfilling my dreams. The passion I have to be creative and make art in music and film keeps me young, on my feet, energized, and excited about everyday life, it truly is what keeps me going. My big dream is to make a great “Hindi Rap” album and produce and direct a “critically claimed/Oscar winning” film one day (I know, it’s the dream)! I’m working hard for it everyday, so wish me luck, and hope time does not run out on me!

I, personally, would love to thank all the people who “liked” my work and supported me through my musical and visual art journey. Some may say I can be kind of offensive with my approach to my music, but hey! I’m a rapper! I’m allowed to say whatever I wanna say in my songs!…lol… My style and my art form is how I am and I love to freely express myself. I’m very opinionated and sometimes thickheaded but will come at you with solid facts and logic. I care about what I say and do, and strive to be “wise” like any other human who hungers for greatness. I have my reasons why I like or don’t like things and will tell you in one way or another. Haha!

I promise to all my fans, that I will keep you entertained with whatever I have in the coming future. Stay in touch and you won’t be disappointed. I hope I keep you surprised with new creative stuff and until then enjoy this website, listen to my songs, see my videos, and leave your comments, likes and feedback, whatever you want. Cheers!

Yours truly,
BADMASH “Hindi Rap Guru”

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